Equity Funding: Der Anbieter der Cannabis Compliance Plattform Flowhub sammelt 3,25 Mio $ ein

Flowhub bietet seit Juni 2016 eine innovative "seed-to-sale compliance platform" für die Cannabisindustrie an und gibt bekannt dass die überzeichnete "$3,250,000 Series A round of equity financing" erfolgreich durchgeführt werden konnte.

Flowhub`s Compliance-Plattform bietet for both retail and cultivation that automatically report mandatory compliance data to state regulators via a direct API. The entire ecosystem has been crafted specifically for the regulated cannabis industry. Flowhub's market share has grown over 300% since Q4 2016 and has attracted some of the largest regulated dispensaries in the country as customers.


Grow operation and dispensary owners who would like to learn more about Flowhub are encouraged to visit flowhub.co.

About Flowhub

Flowhub has developed the next generation of seed-to-sale software for the regulated cannabis industry. Flowhub enables growers and dispensaries to streamline their supply chain operations and optimize their profit margins. Flowhub was formed in 2015 and is based in Denver, CO. For more information, please visit flowhub.co.

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