420 Property Management   420PropertymanagementINC.

420 Property Management LLC is a diversified real estate development and  property management company with a focus on the burgeoning hemp, cannabis, medical and legal marijuana industries. Through three integrated  operating subsidiaries, 420 manages the full life cycle of real estate  investment and property management in the cannabis and hemp industry. From acquisition of zoned agricultural land and commercial properties, to  construction and development of technologically advanced cultivation, commercial  and agricultural projects; to managing leaseable commercial and retail  sites.
WKN: A142PY ISIN: US35104N1000 Kürzel: FTPM (OTC)   in  handelbar: NEIN

Gründungsjahr: k.A. Haupthandelsplatz  Vollzogene Namenswechsel Digagogo Ventures Corp. bis 10/2015 - Exo Friendly Power Technologies Corp. bis 12/2010  Land   Angestellte: 3

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