MGC Pharmaceuticals has the advantage of being very fast to market with a medicinal cannabis treatment set to be available to drug resistant Australian epilepsy patients in early 2018 with specialist drug distributor HL Pharma. Beginning with adult epilepsy, MGC Pharma’s orally-administered CannEpil treatment will be available to Australian patients with an authorised doctor’s prescription at a cheaper price than competing products. HL Pharma will manage approvals and distribution to hospitals and pharmacies across Australia and the move has the backing of Epilepsy Action Australia (EEA), with an initial group of five doctors and a starting pool of more than 50 patients. The deal will add significant revenue even from a small initial patient pool and obviously has the potential to increase rapidly if the treatment proves a popular option. MGC has also announced a $40 million deal to supply 15,000 kg a month of cannabidiol cosmetic products to Korean cosmetics manufacturer Varm Cosmo. Production of the first batch of CannEpil to fulfil the initial order of 170 bottles was underway at MGC’s Czech Republic headquarters. An earlier agreement with European pharma Lenis will distribute CannEpil through central and eastern Europe – as well as an anti-inflammatory topical cream – following EU registration. MGC’s pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical cannabis cultivation is centred on a 1100 square metre glasshouse facility in the Czech Republic and an open field farm in Slovenia.