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Chlormet Technologies was incorporated on June 24, 2004 pursuant to the Business  Corporations Act (British Columbia) and was formerly trading on the TSX-V as a Tier 2 mining Company since 2005, originally as High Ridge Resources Inc. Chlormet Technologies Inc. has an experienced management team with a growth strategy to develop a diversified portfolio of projects that can be taken into production. The Company’s main objective is to add shareholder value through cost efficient acquisitions, joint ventures, and effective marketing while maintaining a lower risk profile through project diversification and sound financial management. Stand 01.10.2016
WKN: A2AMX2 ISIN: CA74530Q2053 Kürzel:PUF (CSE) / CHLMF(OTC)   in  handelbar: JA

Gründungsjahr: 2014 Haupthandelsplatz Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange Vollzogene Namenswechsel Chlormet Technologies Inc. bis 06.2016 / Newton Gold Corp. bis 11/2013 / New High Rich Resources Inc. / High Rich Resources Inc. bis 01/2010 Land   Angestellte: k.A.

PHARMACAN CAPITAL CORP (MJN:CA)                                                                                                                                               Satori Resources Inc.