Canada House Wellness Group Inc. (the “Company”) is the parent company of 672800 NB Inc. doing business as Marijuana for Trauma, The Longevity Project Corp., and Abba Medix Corp. The Company's goal is to become a marketplace leader through strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions to create a fully integrated medical marijuana marketplace. For more information please visit, and

WKN: A2DGL2 ISIN: CA1351011038/ Kürzel: CHV.CN / OTC: SARSF in  handelbar: JA

Gründungsjahr: 1982 Haupthandelsplatz   Vollzogene Namenswechsel: Abba Medix Group Inc. bis 10/2016 Saratoga Electric Solutions Inc. bis 05/2015 / Head4 Solutions Inc. bis 01/2005  Land  Angestellte: 7

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