Tetra Bio-Pharma   TETRABio-pharmainc.

Tetra Bio Pharma is a multi subsidiary publicly traded company (CSE:TBP) engaged in the development of Bio Pharmaceuticals and Natural Health Products containing Cannabis and other medicinal plant based elements.
Tetra Bio Pharma is focused on combining the traditional methods of medicinal cannabis use with the supporting scientific validation and safety data required for inclusion into the existing  bio pharma industry by  regulators physicians and insurance companies Stand: 20.11.2016
WKN: A2ASQ8 ISIN: CA88166Y1007 Kürzel: CSE:TBP - GRPOF(OTC)   in  handelbar: JA

Gründungsjahr: k.A. Haupthandelsplatz  Vollzogene Namenswechsel:  GrowPros Cannabis Ventures Inc. bis 09/2016 - Mazorro Resources Inc. bis 01/2015  - Land   Angestellte: k.A.

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