The Tinley Beverage Company is a functional beverage company focused on hemp-infused beverages and supplements. The company has the only patent-produced liquid supplement containing certifiable phytoconstituent-rich hemp oil. The company is producing its products in Los Angeles and is focusing distribution on key markets throughout the West Coast. Tinley Beverage Company produces hemp infused supplements as well as beverages. The company holds the only patent for liquid supplements which contain certified phytoconstituent-rich hemp oil. Stand 01.12.2016

WKN: A142P6 ISIN: CA8875441047 Kürzel: CSE:TNY - QRSRF (OTC)   in  handelbar: NEIN

Gründungsjahr: 2016 Haupthandelsplatz  Vollzogene Namenswechsel Land: Quia Resources Inc. bis 10/2015    Angestellte: k.A.


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