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Maple Leaf is a Canadian company that focuses in the agricultural/environmental industry with three main areas of activity: Canadian MMPR.  It pursues opportunities within the medical cannabis industry. If and when a MMPR license is obtained and through an agreement to lease a greenhouse facility with Woodmere Nursery Ltd., it will become a Canadian producer. It is currently seeking a Canadian MMPR licensed producer status to grow medical cannabis in Canada for domestic consumption and export to approved countries. California Project – It pursues opportunities within the medical cannabis industry in various States that have legalized marijuana. It is currently joint ventured with a California non-profit collective to set up a growing facility. Eco-Agriculture– it pursues several projects around the world. In China, it is focused on growing value-added tree seedlings and nursery products that assist with anti-desertification. Renewable Energy– it pursues various renewable energy projects around the world, including Yellowhorn in China which would provide valuable Yellowhorn seeds and ultimately oil from such seeds for the manufacture of bio-diesel fuel and premium healthy cooking oil. Stand 18.12.2014
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