Notis Global, Inc., a leader in the rapidly emerging cannabis sector, provides specialized services to operators of dispensaries, cultivation centers, manufacturers and research facilities in those states where approved. Through trusted clients and affiliates, the company promotes efficient, consistent, high quality products that are priced right, readily available and safely packaged. For more information about the company or to explore partnership, please visit, Inc. distributes a retail kiosk. The Company has the rights to distribute in the United States a kiosk that dispenses medicines. Patented systems that dispense medication based on biometric identification (fingerprint sample. Recently acquired patents on pharmaceutical glass-on-glass vaporization technology and touch-screen temperature control for vaporizers. Medbox does not engage in the production, sale, or marketing of any products dispensed through their machines, but they do plan on becoming an industry powerhouse.Medbox's kiosks are located in urgent-care centers, pharmacies and alternative medicine retailers.Stand 01.03.2017

WKN: A2AE0C ISIN:US66980B1008 Symbol: OTC:NGBL  in D. handelbar:Ja

Gründungsjahr: k.A. Haupthandelsplatz:OTC Pink without Information Vollzogene Namenswechsel: MedBox Inc. bis 02/2016 - MindfulEye, Inc. bis 10/2011 - Rabatco, Inc. bis 05/2000 Land: USA Angestellte: k.A.


Die wahren Gewinner der Pot-Bong-Blase

Nach einem Artikel gefunden auf seekingalpha von  Matthew Finston , The Pot Stock Millionaires vom 29. Dez. 2014   Das Jahr 2014 begann mit großen Hoffnungen auf exorbitante Gewinne im Cannabis-Sektor, wo man das Ende der...

Der Fall MedBox (MDBX)

Die Luft aus MedBox (MDBX), DER Cannabis-Aktie "der ersten Stunde",  ist raus. Die aussichtsreiche, rosige Phantasie hält den Unternehmensergebnissen bisher  nicht wirklich Stand.  Die Aktie erreicht Anfang des Jahres 2014 ihren Höhepunkt bei stolzen 73,9 US-$, was einer...