Freiwillige Notbremse bei Hypdropothecary

Die jüngste Neuemission Hydropothecary zieht gleich nach dem Start die Notbremse. Man nimmt freiwillig sämtliche Produkte aus dem Verkauf und stoppt alle Lieferungen, man hat scheinbar aus OrganiGrams Fall gelernt :-) Diese Vorsichtsmaßnahme ist eine unmittelbare Reaktion auf den Hinweis Health Canadas, dass Testergebnisse von Cannabisproben das Pestizid Myclobutanil aufwiesen, das zwar zur Lebensmittelherstellung, aber nicht für den Anbau medizinischen Cannabis zugelasssen ist. Die Quelle des Myclobutanils ist bisher unbekannt. 

"Health Canada's testing results indicate the levels of myclobutanil found are at exceptionally low levels. This is not likely to cause any adverse health consequences. This risk level is consistent with Health Canada's recent memo on the matter (see link below). Hydropothecary is currently carrying out an in depth investigation into this serious matter with a broad range of testing underway. Our stop-sale is a precautionary measure intended to provide the utmost transparency to all involved and to ensure our patients are completely confident in the safety of our products and production system." said Dr. Shane Morris, VP Quality Assurance & Scientific Affairs. "This is an evolving matter and we are working closely with Health Canada to determine the next steps."

"THCX intends to release test results of all pesticide testing since February 2, 2017, within the next 24 hours, to provide reassurance to its clients and the public. We also intend to keep our clients fully informed as this matter progresses and provide daily updates on Hydropothecary's website (starting May 2, 2017). As always, Hydropothecary's first priority is to protect the health and safety of our patients."


Statement von Health Canada zu Myclobutanil in Verbindung mit dem Cannabisanbau hier

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