PharmaCyte Biotech Inc.

The live-cell encapsulation technology employed by PharmaCyte Biotech is a way to enclose living cells in protective “cocoons” about the size of the head of a pin - we do not encapsulate drugs, but living cells. Each capsule can enclose approximately 10,000 cells; this number can differ depending upon the size of the cells encapsulated. The cell encapsulation technology used by PharmaCyte Biotech can be classified as a “platform” upon which treatments for different indications may be built. Depending on the type of cells used, the encapsulated cells can be employed in developing treatments for serious, debilitating and even deadly diseases. PharmaCyte Biotech’s primary interests in the use of the live-cell encapsulation technology are for the development of treatments for various cancers and for diabetes.

12510 Prosperity Drive, Suite 310, Silver Spring, MD, USA, 20904

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