The NOW Corporation is a publicly held company OTC Symbol "NWPN" and is focused on the generation of electricity from wind employing a new revolutionary generator known as "exoPOWER". NOW has entered into a agreement with SP Power Farm Group LTD of Surrey BC for certain distribution rights in fourteen US Western States.ExoPOWER, classified as External Axis Wind Turbines, is designed with wind 'SAILS' being positioned along the circumference of a ring frame that is laid on the horizontal where multiple bearings and supports share equally the stress and torque created by the rotation of the turbine. The supports also provide for positioning of the magnets and coils for electricity generation.


  • WKN: A0YJ2F
  • ISIN: US67010T1034
  • Kürzel: NWPN

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  • 1993


Vollzogene Namenswechsel

-AquaStar Holdings, Inc. bis  6-2011
-Real Paper Displays, Inc. bis 6-2010


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