QED Connect, Inc. was founded in November of 2005 as QED Storage, Inc. and became a public company in May 2007 with the name being changed to QED Connect, Inc. in July 2007. QED?s name derives from the Latin phrase Quod Erat Demonstratum, which means ?which was to be demonstrated.?In 2009 QED changed direction from being an operating company to a Holding Company focusing on acquisitions, strategic partnerships and forming joint ventures. 
The Company works with organizations that are looking for capital or management assistance or help in reaching their target markets so they can realize their true potential. QED primarily focuses on businesses that are producing revenue and are synergistic with our portfolio and those that will offer additional markets sectors that can provide strong opportunity and diversity for the Company. QED looks beyond current conditions such as underperformance of an existing asset due to inadequate capital, limited development expertise or a lack of strategic vision, and is able to recognize short and long-term asset potential and value-add opportunities.


  • WKN: A0Q71U
  • ISIN: US74732Q3002
  • Kürzel: QEDN

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  • 1983


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-Guwo Holdings, Inc. bis 7-07
-IX Systems, Inc. bis 2-07
-Smartcard International, Inc. bis 10-91



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