SUTIMCo International, Inc. (SUTI)

New government laws regulating the sale and consumption of marijuana provide unprecedented opportunities for financial gain. This rapidly growing industry is expected to gross over $2 Billion dollars in 2014 from the sale of legal recreational cannabis. Across the USA, many states are legalizing and taxing the sale of cannabis for medical and recreational use, a trend likely to continue over the next decade. The 420 industry is attracting many talented professionals and enthusiastic investors seeking profits.SutimCo is a leader in both the medical and recreational cannabis industries. The company will seek partnerships with established brands and provide venture capital funds to manufacturers, growers and retail franchise operations. Vertical integration will allow control over the production, transportation and sale of cannabis in legal markets, such as Washington and Colorado. SutimCo is capable of providing experienced consulting services to growers and start-up companies. The company's Board of Directors has strong ties to cannabis activists and media outlets. As marijuana legalization continues to sweep the United States, SutimCo will be ready to establish regional grow operations in new markets.

Surna INC. (SRNA)                         Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG)


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  • 2006


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