Acology, Inc. translated from ancient Greek, means “the science of remedies”. Acology, Inc.® markets and sells the TSOS Container™ (The Science of Storage).This container is the first-ever FDA approved polypropylene air-tight, water-tight, smell-proof delivery and storage container with a built-in grinder. It is manufactured from medical-grade No. 5 polypropylene resin, which is non-porous and non-leaching. These containers are portable and affordable. The Medtainer™ allows patients to store, grind and pour a variety of medications, including pills and all sizes and solidity, herbal medications and teas and even coffee and spices! The Medtainer™ can be ordered in with a certified child-resistant cap. Each Medtainer™ is water-proof and smell proof. Caregivers who are responsible for ensuring their patients medication regimens are universally pleased with the how easy and effective the Medtainer™ grind medications. It is an excellent solution for patients with dysphasia due to cognitive disorders or brain injuries, are in hospice or palliative situations and for anyone who would rather not swallow whole pills. Stand 01.11.2016
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