Agri-Dynamics Inc.,intends to acquire existing companies in the Oil and Gas drilling business. The company a also intends to acquire new leases for work over and new drill sites. Merger with Hip Hemp Group LLC, a diversified hemp and medicinal marijuana company with widespread operations including 12 dispensaries, 8 grow rooms, a hemp jewelry line, and a new THC-based drink line; operations currently span four states including Colorado, California, Washington State, and Nevada. Hip Hemp Group plans to enhance and expand all operations as more states and the federal government legalize various segments of the hemp and medicinal marijuana markets. Agri-Dynamics and Hip Hemp Group plan to finalize and announce a merger agreement within the near-term. Agri-Dynamics is excited to bring a hemp and medicinal marijuana operation of this caliber with such high growth potential under its umbrella. Shareholders can expect more details and exciting announcements as the merger is finalized over the next few days. Additionally, Agri-Dynamics is already in various stages of discussions with other reputable hemp and medicinal marijuana operations to complement the anticipated merger with Hip Hemp Group LLC. Agri-Dynamics plans to create an umbrella of proven, high-growth operations within this lucrative market. Shareholders can expect more information on these complementary operations as negotiations allow. 
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