Alternative Energy Partners, Inc. (OTCBB: AEGY), founded in 2008, is focused on sourcing, marketing and distributing renewable alternative energy products. Alternative Energy Partners offers innovative, high-performance systems and services that reduce energy costs and provide superior work and living environments for clients and consumers. Alternative Energy Partners ("AEGY") is focused on sourcing, marketing and distributing renewable alternative energy solutions. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sunarias™ Corporation (, AEGY provides on-site solar-thermal energy systems that allow businesses to reduce energy costs. It also is the sole member of Shovon, LLC (, a provider of remote control energy management systems. AEGY recently announced that, through its subsidiary, Skynet Energy Systems, Inc., it is poised to enter the European alternative energy market. AEGY's goal is to offer a full portfolio of high-performance energy solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes. Its subsidiary Elan Energy will coordinate and integrate AEGY's many energy services and products offerings. Elan's central management structure is devised to, by virtue of its oversight of integration and coordination, ultimately maximize business for AEGY's subsidiaries while reducing operating expenses significantly. Elan Energy recently acquired R.L.P. Mechanical Contractors, Inc., a full service mechanical contractor with a specialization in hospital renovations. Stand 19.10.2016
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