Amfil Technologies Inc. operates both the Interloc-Kings Inc. subsidiary as well as the GROzone Project. GROzone was jointly developed between Amfil Tech and A.C.T.S. Inc. as an extension of the existing mPACT ozone technology being utilized in the food and beverage industry and integrated by A.C.T.S. into companies such as Pepsi, Nestle, Sysco, Sun Pacific and many others. GROzone is a triple-function sanitization unit capable of naturally eliminating 99.9% of airborne pathogens and the typically problematic pests that wreak havoc for cultivators (like aphids, whiteflies and spider mites), as well as bacteria, fungus, microbes and mold on surfaces, all without chemicals. The unit can also constantly regulate a given facility's water supply, oxygenating the water and maintaining a consistent PPM infusion of ozone that prevents the formation of algae, bacteria or mold (allowing for comprehensive water recycling), simultaneously removing the need to use dangerous, often carcinogenic products to treat the water, as is common throughout the industry today. This environmentally-friendly solution also eliminates odors, while slightly reducing the air temperature, lowering energy consumption by the HEPA filtration and HVAC systems. There is even compelling research indicating that elevated levels of ozone and CO2 can produce yields having as much as 53% more total biomass in certain plant types, with similar results for seed production. More information of the grozone line of products can be found on the website. Stand 20.11.2016

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