The Company makes cabinet based horticultural systems. The design and production of our hydroponic and soil grow cabinets makes the process of growing in a self-contained cabinet automated and simplified. Our mission is to make hydroponic and soil growing simpler, more efficient and a better value than other products found on the market. Our product offerings are split into two categories: (1) self-contained horticultural grow cabinets and (2) specifically constructed kits and packages offered to satisfy the DIY home horticulturist,which involve a modular growing solution.The Company's line of grow cabinets consists of three models, with variations of each model allowing consumers to select a cabinet that will suit their specific needs. The Company views itself as a "pick and shovel" assembler and distributor, providing the tools needed for successful growing operations, but never touching the actual end product. Throughout the entire process, from seed to harvest, we are dedicated to giving growers the products, services and knowledge to make each grow their best. Stand 14.04.2016

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