Greenscape Laboratories, Inc. was founded for the purpose of ensuring the safety of cannabis by providing advanced assistance in testing consumable products for both chemical or foreign contaminants.
Greenscape is also involved in the development of retail cannabis dispensing units, for which it will have
rights to product testing through an Agreement with Sylios Corp. We believe that testing is extremely important to all users - both medical and recreational. Our goal is to become the standard by which laboratories in this industry are measured.


  • WKN: A2AG12
  • ISIN: US90400F1030
  • Kürzel: MJLBD

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  •  1989


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-Greenscape Laboratories bis 04-2016

HD Retail Solutions Inc. until 6-2014

-Greenwind Power Corp. USA until 7-2009

-Optimal Ventures Inc. until 4-04

-Optimal Analytics.com, Inc. until 2-02

-COM 101, Inc. until 6-99

-Paramour Productions, Inc. until 6-98


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