MGC Pharmaceuticals is a company founded with vision. A vision of globalizing the arena in which Cannabis, and specifically CBD, is accorded the respect it deserves as a crucial and powerful agent of healing.Capitalizing on years of experience in the Israeli Medical Cannabis market, combined with exclusive strains of high CBD genetics and first to market advantages globally, MGC is creating a seamless, highly supervised supply chain, from planting to extraction, creating the highest quality resins, oils and proprietary delivery devices available in the market. This holistic view ensures that the company will be able to be at the forefront of research and development in this exploding market, with the potential to supply our products to research efforts worldwide, and then to the markets that their research opens. ERIN gab bekannnt, dass sie die Option aushandeln konnten, 100% der ausstehenden Aktien der in Israel ansässigen Firma MGC Global Limited zu erwerben (Reverse Takeover). MGC Global, die erst Anfang 2015 gegründet wurde,spezialisiert sich auf Cannabis für medizinische und kosmetische Zwecke.
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Gründungsjahr: 1987 Haupthandelsplatz  Vollzogene Namenswechsel: Erin Resources bis 03/2016 Land   Angestellte: k.A.

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