MMJ PhytoTech Limited is a new company established to be a pioneer in the development of MEDICAL CANNABIS DELIVERY SYSTEMS, initially to markets in Israel, Europe, USA and Canada that have regulated medical cannabis laws, as well as Australia and New Zealand, which may become regulated at a future point in time. It has an EXPERIENCED Board and Management team. It has in place a MULTI-FACETED STRATEGY focused on short-term access to regulated markets in Israel, Europe, USA and Canada, and long term Australian and New Zealand goals for legalised medical cannabis. The company is developing an INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY portfolio with patent applications in process for medical cannabis delivery systems and controlled dosages, in conjunction with leading Israeli based research centres, utilising decades of medical cannabis research and patient trials and use, which is science and evidence-based. It is developing STRATEGIC ALLIANCES with internationally-renowned medical research centres in Israel to deliver prototyping, human trials, international patents and licensing to international pharmaceutical companies in return for royalties.
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